Grandparents’ book

I’ve made a book to give to my daughter for her birthday in March.

The pictures are of us with our grandsons (who are now aged 19 and 21!).

I made the cover using velvet paper and made a frame using Ten Seconds Studio metal and moulds.

I’m quite pleased with how the cover came out, even though it did take two attempts.

I made it fold in like the scrapbook covers do.

You can view the whole book on this slideshow.

The spineThe front

3 thoughts on “Grandparents’ book”

  1. Amazing Little book Kay. I love the Metalwork. I had a look at the slide show, wonderful photos, tells a great story, you daughter will be delighted.

  2. WOnderful! I really loved this. The caption on the first photo brought a lump to my throat ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was browsing your online store and the lovely stitching patterns. When I have time, I’ll do a post on my blog about it as I know some of my readers use embroidery on their cards!

    I used to embroider but arthritis means I can’t use a needle for very long now. But I might have a go with one of your free downloads. I really love the fieldmouse. Oooo! And I might have to buy the cat set!

    Sorry to waffle. First visit. All excited. LOL!

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