If your stitching doesn’t show…

Darken that Thread!

Darken that Thread!

This was stitched with Sulky Metallic 142-7027, which is a red/green/gold variegated thread, but after I was done, it was still very difficult to read, as the thread did not contrast enough with the background.

Hmm, what to do…? I reached for my ever trusty Sakura stardust dark red, green and gold and sort of colored the stitching according to the color already shown with the thread.  et voila! the words suddenly appeared!

The 3D is made from wrapping paper, with Diamond Glaze ‘dew’ on the flowers. The font used was one I found on my PC, pricked and stitched.

This card was a commission for a wedding anniversary with red, green, black and white–whew! That was a challenge, but the customer LOVED this card.

8 thoughts on “If your stitching doesn’t show…”

  1. Did the Sakura just colour the thread and not the card Jolis? I would have expected it to colour the card and spoil the stitching.

  2. Katharine, it did color the paper also. Since it was basically unreadable before I colored it in, I wasn’t too concerned if it ruined it, as I’d have to start over anyway! But it worked quite well. I colored very carefully, and I actually colored the paper, not the threads, as that was the only way to really darken it enough. It does take a steady hand, I’ll admit, but the results were so worth it, to see the words POP like they needed to!!

  3. That is very interesting Jolis. So what you did could also be done with a light or medium shade pen, drawing from dot to dot (carefully, of course!) before stitching. I think it would be very good for single line or fine text.

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