Altered book

I made this for a friend.  You can see the whole thing hereAltered book






Here’s what I did

Basic note book (sorry, forgot to take a picture but you know what a notebook looks like).


1)                   Scrapbook paper used as base.  I printed the image onto sticky fabric paper from Crafty Computer Paper.  You need to dry this with your heat gun if, like me, you use an ink jet printer – otherwise it will smudge when you handle it.

2)                   I wanted to make a scroll so used a plastic one as a template and drew around it.

3)                   Art Glitter Glue (I’d bought white in error).  I thought it would be good for drawing the scroll because it has a fine tip – that didn’t take into account my lack of ability to draw even with a fine tip and it came out blobby and not at all how I wanted.  I set it aside to dry.

4)                   When I tested it later, it was still a wee bit tacky and I remembered I had some nice amber beads.

5)                   I poured the beads onto the nearly dry glue – I should have done this earlier.  I could have used the Liquid Nails which would havebeen cheaper and probably more effective.

6)                   I’d decided I was going to drag some gesso mixed with colour around the edge of the image so I sealed it with Golden Liquid Tar Gel.  Just remember ink jet printing tends to smudge so don’t drag it around too much if you do this.

7)                   I added the phrase I’d chosen to go with the image (also printed onto the sticky fabric.)

8)                   Now some of the beads were falling off so I added some clear 3d glaze to seal them on – I put some over the phrase as well to give a glossy finish.

9)                   Unfortunately, I was a bit heavy handed with the glaze and got lots of puddles which dripped off the book onto the work surface so had to do some hasty mopping up!

10)               Not to keen on the white bits showing around the beads – to cover it up a bit I’ve stippled some Lumiere paint over.

11)               To fill in the gaps I’ve heat embossed Purple Onion stamps swirls using verdigris embossing powder.  It came out a bit faint, I think this is because the fabric absorbed the embossing ink but it looks ok in real life.

12)               Still don’t like my attempt at swirls – tried adding some glitter glue around the edge to make a sort of margin – not sure about this at all!  Certainly bears NO resemblance whatsoever to a swirl, more like a pond with frogspawn in.

13)               I lined the inside cover with matching paper but didn’t like it so covered it up with a different sheet of scrapbook paper which I much prefer.  The stamps are from Chapel Road Art Stamps.

14)               I’d printed a smaller version of the flower for the back cover but when I put it on I saw there were glue smudges all over from where the 3d glaze had run amok.  I used DST and foil to make some stripes (gold and bronze).  This left some bare areas so I tried making some wire doodles which I stuck on with PVA.

15)               I still had lots of empty areas and to fill these in I used plasterer’s mesh.

16)               Then I covered this with Liquid Nails and sprinkled some glitter onto it while it was wet.  I heated it up with my heat gun – it makes it bubble as it boils.  You really need to leave it to dry hard overnight but I was too impatient.

17)               I added Lumiere Paint (old brass) and sanded it back – it would have sanded better if I’d left it to dry thoroughly.

18)               Where the sanded bits were, I then added Lumiere rust paint.

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  1. Wow a lot of work Kay, great result. I love the printing on the computer fabric paper. Very suitable for a book cover. Thanks for showing.

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