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This blog is a group effort by members of the Form-A-Lines forum. It is intended as a place for more detailed articles than are usually found in the forum posts.

If you would like to contribute an article on card making then please use the contact link in the page heading to let us know.

Guidelines for potential contributors

Your article should give the reader information that will help them in their card making.

If you simply want to show off your latest card without talking about the techniques used then the forum gallery would be a better place to display it.

Please respect copyright. Do not copy information or pictures from other web sites. You can write about techniques learned elsewhere as long as you are writing from experience gained by using those techniques and not just copying another article.

It is OK to name the manufacturer or designer of the materials that you have used but do not suggest individual shops or web sites where they can be purchased.

Commenting and writing for the blog

Please see the “Help” page (link in the right hand column under Pages) for information on how to use the blog.

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  1. This looks fabulous david! thankyou for laying out the guidelines and I look forward to seeing many new things in the future.

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