Split Image Stamping

Split Color Butterfly
Split Color Butterfly

This card is really easy to make, and the results are spectacular.  This image is from www.stampscapes.com. First, I stamped the image in turqoise ink on white cardstock, and clear embossed. Then, I stamped the image in white ink on turquoise cardstock, embossed with white powder, as the image was not opaque enough to clear emboss. Then, very carefully, I cut each image in half, making sure my cuts were as close to exactly the same as possible.  Then, I took the left side of the white butterfly, and spliced it together with the right side of the turqoise butterfly.  You can make a 2nd card out of your remaining halves!  To complete the card, I reverse-spliced the background cardstock and added peel-offs.  For the peel-offs on the white cardstock, I first colored my silver peel-off with a bright turquoise permanent marker.  To test suitability of colors, I always test my markers on some of my “leftover” peel-offs from previous projects. Finally, I added all the peel-offs and there you have it-Split Image Stamping!

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  1. Thank you Jolis for that description. Especially using white ink and white embossing powder to strengthen the image on the turquoise card. Had a look at the link, and you have reminded me about Stampboard again. Funny how one can forget!

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