Ten easy ways to sell your handmade greetings cards

cards for saleCard making can be very addictive and you may soon get to the point where you are making more cards than you can use yourself. The answer is to sell some of your cards. It is unlikely that you will make much more than pin money from your cards. However, if you donate your profits to charity your customers will be more willing to pay a realistic price and you get a warm feeling from your hobby. It also gives you a good reason to buy more card making goodies. Here are some ways you could sell your cards.

1. Keep a box of hand made cards on view at home. Your visiting friends may become your customers.

2. Take a box of cards to coffee mornings. They will make an interesting talking point and your friends are likely to be your best customers.

3. If you belong to a club or society you could take a box of cards along to each meeting. This works well if you are selling your cards for charity.

4. Keep a box of cards on view at work. This will let your co-workers know that you make cards and may lead to sales and special commissions.

5. Put a “Hand made by” message on the back of your cards. This lets people know you are a card maker. It could lead to commissions from your customers’ friends.

6. Send hand made cards to your friends and relatives on their special occasions. When they thank you for the card you can mention that you also sell cards.

7. Take a table at a local event such as your child’s school fete. For these events it would be good if you could get together with a couple of craft friends and share a table. A packed display will create more interest.

8. If you have an outgoing personality you could offer to demonstrate card making to a club that you are associated with. This could lead to commissions.

9. Relatives may sell on your behalf. For example your spouse/son/daughter could take a box of cards to work. Their male colleagues would particularly appreciate the chance to buy cards for their loved ones without having to go around the shops.

10. Keep a pack of cards in your bag/car. Once your card making reputation has spread you never know when you may be asked for a card. This is particularly the case when someone has forgotten an important birthday and do not have time to get to the shops.

How do you sell your cards? Please let us know what works best for you.

7 thoughts on “Ten easy ways to sell your handmade greetings cards”

  1. Some good ideas there David. I always have a small cardboard stand full of cards in my craft room, and friends often buy six of them together. However I keep my One-offs in a special box as they come in very handy for special occasions.

  2. What a great entry, David! I love all your suggestions. I might have to send some cards with my hubby to his work–my work was always my best selling venue, so he could maybe try it, too! I sell a number of cards to people who render me regular services, such as my beautician, massage therapist, chiropracter, nurses, etc. In fact one of the above mentioned is my very best customer and bought approx $200 worth of cards this past year! Yay!!

  3. Good ideas here david thanks! I think I’m already doing some of these. I hope to get better about taking some cards to work in the new year.

  4. There is a new online store, where it costs nothing to have a shop, upload items and sell. You don’t pay any fees, though you can elect to make a donation if you wish.
    Anyway! I put my Christmas cards on there and sold about 2 dozen. Might not seem much but I only started making them last July so it was a real confidence boost. Then, readers of my blog asked for some, and my partner’s sister and mum commissioned some. In all I made nearly £200. I’m over the moon as I never planned to make money, really, just to have a hobby. Mind you, I’m not sure what I’d do with them all if I didn’t sell them…. 🙂

    There was also an ‘indoor craft market’ in town- a group of crafters rented one of our all-too-many newly closed down shops and then rented out space to crafters and artists. Cardmakers had their own little room where you paid £10 for a table and the rest you made was yours. I only made £20 from that, but I printed up some business cards and put them on display and I’ve had interest from those.

    If you can print off business cards, list all that you do, if you do more than card making. Put one inside the pack of every card you sell.

    This was a great post! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

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